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    Grew up in Japan, both art and sports have been greatest joys in my life.

    I have been active in various sports such as swimming, yachting, tennis, skiing, and social dance,               in addition to an aesthetic activity. In fact, I was a serious athlete in some sports.                Now I am an addicted golfer in the U.S.

    In general, aesthetic sense and athletic sense seem to be opposite direction. However, these                     contradicting senses do exist in me. Athletic mind is absolutely imperative for me to develop                    my hardworking mentality and aggressive patience when I create my work.

    Because I started my career as an interior coordinator and designed interior spaces, I have had                 keen interest in the way of expression of dimensionality. 3D paper illustration is the way which I can          devote myself to. It requires a careful planning of dimensions, designing shadow, and keeping perseverance. My skill of planning dimensionally takes a important role in my work in addition to my          nature derived from my atheletic background.

    "I am an illustrator with  Active Patience for Art."        


    Click here to my Creative Vitae.

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